March 12, 2006

A letter from a S/w Engineer to his mom

Dear mom,
Pranams. Did the money-order i sent reach you on time? You will be happy to know that i am not working late these days. Infact, I come home early by 10. I cannot believe that i have time to shave, eat dinner, and sleep everyday. Not everyone has the same luck as i have. My collegues are jealous of me . I know its all because of your Aashirvaad.

However, I will be put into a new assignment shortly and it will be the same old schedule of coming back home at 2 in the morning. A couple of months backm, while i was walking back home late, i accidentally stepped over two dogs that were busy mating. They didnt spare me ..ouch it hurts even now :(

Shanthi called me this evening. I know you would hate to even hear the name of your daughter-in -law who deserted me. I gave everything to her - the best home, comfort, a lot of money to spend, yet she kept finding fault with me. Its been two years since that fateful midnight when she picked up a quarrel with me for coming home late and decided to separate.

She called me up to inform that she's pregnant. Isn't that a happy news mom? I feel very happy. Your prayers have been answered. Our parampara will grow. I wish papa were alive to hear this good news.

I read a piece of news this morning which greatly upset me. A man who was always found in the company of children, used them to satisfy his sexual needs. He gave chocolates to tempt them to yield.
It's very depressing to know that such cruel exploitations exist in the world even today.

Before i forget, I've been chosen to lead the team to work on a new assignment. This is a very demanding work and i would be required to stay for days together at office. My manager personally called me into his room to announce my pay hike. I feel so happy and elated. My company is the best in recognising talent. They've recognised mine so many times. :)

This extra money that i earn will be helpful in buying my new home at 'sava- pura'. I was lucky to get the last apartment before it was taken up by someone else. Once i buy the apartment, you can come and stay with me. I hope all this will come to frution in five years.
Take care of yourself mom. You're the only one i have and you're aging. I will try to come and meet you soon.

Your son
Project leader,
XYZ software Systems
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