November 14, 2004

Can you forward my Resume?

The man who HAD lakhs of devotees world wide has done what even a nefarious criminal would fear to do.

Middle men have always been (and will continue to be) a headache to the society. Consider this for an example, a farmer (with his high interest loans) toils in his field and produces food grain which is conveniently bought by these middle men for a low price and sold in the market at exorbitant rates. These unscrupulous elements enjoy an unpropotional profit for their ‘work’, while the farmers continue to commit suicide due to poverty.
If you thought this was applicable only to the illiterate farmers, you are totally wrong. These middle-men are present, unfortunately, in all fields including Spirituality. Unless we realize the fact that there can be no one between us and the God, such rascals would continue to thrive.

This article, however, is not intended to put humanity on to the right track but was written for a more practical cause of publishing my resume. Since the top post now lies vacant I wish to offer my services to the mutt.

My Resume
Name: Sri Sri vikramananda.
Age: Old enough to hold this post.
Young enough to have female disciples.

(S)EXperience: 1. Worked in other ashrams and aware of all the ‘spiritual practises’.

2. Attended a certified course in the P.C sarkar’s school of magic and can vomit lingams, produce ashes, create fire etc.

Achievements: 1.A crowd following of more than 1 lakh (70% being women).
2. Working on a permanent solution to the Ayodhya issue (why not?).
3. Contacts with the top most rowdy gangs in the country.
4. Links with other fundamentalist groups which can declare a bandh when am arrested.


1. Sri Premananda.
2. Sri kalki Bagwan.
3. Chandra Swami.
Can you kindly forward my resume?

November 10, 2004

Kudos to Wodehouse

I just finished reading (11:50 pm) Thank You jeeves and I wanted to post a comment before I get over the hangover. Simply a great read.

[And this is some creative work from me…]

Scene: Sir Bertram Wooster’s cottage, London.
Characters: Bertie, Jeeves.

Bertie: What do you think of Pauline, jeeves?
Jeeves: Of that miss, sir, I appreciate her pulchritude.
Bertie: You mean she is a woman who is a …
Jeeves: une bonne elle, as you’d like to call her, sir.
Bertie: yes. You have a good vocabulary Jeeves.
Jeeves: Thank you, sir, for a gratifying comment.
Bertie: I wish I could take her out for a long vacation, jeeves. But the fuel prices are discouraging me.
Jeeves: It is pitiable indeed, sir.
Bertie: Out of the top of your head, tell me reason for an alarming increase in the rates.
Jeeves: According to me, sir, the government has shown callous indifference to the situation. This misdemeanor has only invited an irascible response from the public. My suggestion, sir, would be to stop the practice of examination in schools.
Bertie: I simply cannot understand this suggestion of yours, jeeves. You’ve gone cuckoo!
Jeeves: The students of these educational institutions, according to a general consensus, burn their midnight oil on the day before the exam. Considering the number of such students who wastefully burn the fuel, it would not require a person of high cognizance to suggest a plan to circumnavigate the problem.
Bertie: you are right as always, jeeves.
Jeeves: I consider the service to your lordship in high esteem, sir. Shall I bring your tea now?
Bertie: Right ho!

November 05, 2004

Reel VS Real Life.

I have always wondered whether the reel life had any relevance to the real one. No one ever fights half a dozen men and emerges, leave alone victorious, alive!! Films are definitely a gross exaggeration of the real life but they undoubtedly reflect the culture, mindset and the mentality of the people.
For example, we know the American culture (if there exists one) through their Cinema. We know Americans as good entrepreneurs, business minded, adventurous etc through the movies we see.
The Indian Filmdom has the dual responsibility of churning out good entertainers and also to explain to the rest of the world, the essence of Indian culture.

I had the ‘privilege’ of watching one of Vijaykanth’s movies in which he lights a cigarette with his own blood.

Message Intended: He is a powerful man with powerful blood (enough to light a cigarette). This high voltage blood flows through his body.

In the next scene, he touches his moustache which sends a man flying away.
Hidden Message: I give up. May be he wants to convey to the audience that his moustache has magical powers (that’s only my guess).

What sort of a message will this convey about the people of Tamilnadu (in general INDIA)? Won’t these movies show us as fools who believe in such rotten portrayal of larger-than life characters? Do the foreigners have a biased opinion about our mental abilities before they meet us first time?