September 22, 2004

We are poor at marketing.

"Bahut achcha pradharshan yuvraj se" and from the bathroom i thought yuvraj must have saved yet another single. I was wrong. It was an extrodinary catch taken at point to dismiss the "wildrat" Moin khan, who has the reputation of digging burrows in the hopes of the opposition. Yuvy with his belligerent performances has won many matches for us, such an electrifying moment can never be downplayed like that.

In fact the commentator was coughing right into his Mic that i had to sit a few yards away from the screen. At times i even believed that it was an extension of the glycodin ad.

Had it been Tony greig he must have said "oh boy what a catch was that. This young man is surely the new face of indian fielding.The indians are up again the pakis are trembling..." well that certainly would've raised the spirits of many indians. Isn't it the responsibility of the commentators to add spice to the match? since all of us(viewers) have accepted that watching is more fun than playing a game.

Apart from a few exceptions like Harsha bogle and Ravi shastri the indians have never been able to reach world class commentry.

September 12, 2004


Microsoft seems adamant at continuing with its legacy of replacing one piece of shit
with an other. At times they have the guts to add "XPerience" tag to it.

I didn't want to be left alone in the race of installing new OS's and hence got lured;a distant relative of Adam you see,and ended up paying the penality for it very much like my great grandfather.

XP has new improved features
1. No blue screens; they are replaced by gray ones(message boxes).
2. Intutive messages; "LSA shell script error at module !@#$@#"
3. Bug reporting feature; You can either "send" or "dont send" the errors,either way you waste time.
4. Highly stable; the machine stays the user runs off.

This,probably,is microsoft's idea of a person using Windows XP

Once i figured out that my face bore no resemblance to the pic i switched back to my earlier OS.Life was atleast moving at snail's pace when i had my win-98 working.

and... if you're looked down for possessing a primitive OS.

1. stretch your hand.
2. fold your fist.
3. Open the third finger.

September 09, 2004

The day of the Jackal

Very few novels are devoid of loopholes; some of them have potholes in them.
This one by Fredrick Forsyth must be one of his masterpieces, am yet to read Fourth protocol.

I couldn’t put the book down; it was an awesome read. I, however, would’ve preferred a different ending, had the Jackal not been…NO I want you to read it.

Forsyth reinstated the prestige of crime novels after being cruelly taken for a ride by a few others (remember Agatha’s Miss.Marple versions?)
From an engineering point of view, as the page number increases the excitement in the novel grows exponentially.

September 05, 2004

God has his own ways of punishing men

I went to my native place, on the outskirts of chennai, to attend a family function. Nanganallur is one of the few places where the apartment culture hasn’t caught up. The serene surroundings, coconut trees and the independent houses make a rendezvous with Mother Nature quite possible. The place is also famous for its temples; the 32-feet anchaneya idol attracts people from north as well. One gets the feeling of travelling back in time to the 1980s.

Well it was here that three women in their mid thirties wanted me to accompany them to all the temples. Although born into a Brahmin family I hadn’t visited a temple in 2 years. Only when I undress and discover a white thread hanging around my shoulders do I realise of my rich heritage. Unable to churn out an immediate excuse I agreed to go with them.

Not wanting to go inside the temple I wanted to wait outside but I was defeated. Dragging a 20 year old guy inside the temple couldn’t have been difficult for the trio for they have the credit of taming three men who are much older to men. I mean their husbands.

My order, once inside the temple, was to go around each sannidhanam eight times; there were 7 in all. While I was completing my laps hurriedly I pitied Schumacher for his profession. Going around a closed circuit isn’t certainly interesting! But at least he’s paid for it and drives with breathtaking speeds. Speed at least thrills even if it kills. I noticed the idol of anchaneya looking mockingly at me without any consideration for a soul which had just completed 7X8 =56 laps.

Well I remember now, I hadn’t gone for my jogging session in the morning and made my friend wait for a long time. God certainly has his own ways of punishing men!