January 05, 2005

God’s own country – The people

Visit kerala and you’ll find out the limitations of your vocabulary (applicable even to the Brits). This is perhaps the only place where Mother Nature remains in her pristine self. The lofty Western Ghats, cool weather, lush green tea plantations, streets filled with the aroma of spices and the beautiful women make the place a heaven on earth.

As I got down from the train I saw a woman in salwar kameez with her thuppata struggling to cover her curvature walking towards me and I knew I was in kerala. We had that ‘inevitable' collision that sent both of us a few yards away, having lived majority of my life in Chennai I was expecting some nasty comment or atleast a cold stare. I was surprised when she smiled and said “I am sorry”. No, she actually said “I am Sooory” (Punch on the ‘O’ when you’re in kerala).

There needn’t be temples when people worship their work; Kerala is not crowded with temples that fight for survival in every nook and corner. The people of kerala are very practical (should the credit go to communism?). YOU DON’T FIND A BEGGAR IN THAT STATE. Against a common notion, the keralites are not cunning but in fact very helpful.

Should all Indians have the same attitude; India will certainly be a better place to live in.


Vivek said...

"Against a common notion, the keralites are not cunning".

Is it common notion that keralites are cunnning? Why?

vikraman said...

i ve been told so and i donno the reason.

schumi22 said...

I've heard it too 'Oru Kollayalli namballam aanal oru malayalli nambakuddardu' no offence to the many keralites.

Maybe its more to do with individuals and the instances.

vikraman said...

..but my experience has proved it all wrong..perhaps it was spread by someone whose wife eloped with a malayalee ;) No offence meant.