April 05, 2005

sequel to the one below.

It’s been raining quite heavily for the last two days in Chennai; I think the rain god has answered my poems ;) I was told that my post on poetry caused a lot of stir and discomfort to a few, I’d be happy if my readers appreciate the humour in my posts. If you don’t find it funny though, you are allowed to use at your discretion the Alt+F4 keys (it might not work if you’re running a win98, so try Ctrl, Alt, Del).


Vishnu Vyas said...

Hmm. Discrimination!!! Well, what about linux guys running unpronouncable window managers?? Kicking the proverbial bucket linux style would involve xkill, or kill -9 on the cmd prompt.

vikraman said...

yup. How can i forget linux, it was my mistake. When someone from the US gives you a free version of linux with a crazy african name, DONT USE IT. I am referring to ubuntu ;)