June 05, 2005

A Software engineer's life

If all the world is a stage, where is the audience?
If all of us are programmers, where are the users?

I joined a software firm on (9/05/2005) - ah finally there is a place that'll show the doj of my first job :)

We had to go through a lot of training, and I can tell you that software development is not among the most interesting things to do on earth - think of writing documentation for things you otherwise considered as paraphernalia.

Software jargons are important to software development - that's the general consensus. Usage of words such as SAP, iRR, CASE, Rational Robot etc increases your credibility in the organisation. When such words are presented to a fresher, it feels like one is hit by a tsunami without a forewarning.

Idea: We can store all these abbreviations with their expansions into a common database. Call it the Storage of Highlycomplex words in Information Technology, in short SHIT.

The Air conditioner in our training room is set to a temperature which could be used to preserve canned fish- It’s freezing. Every one hour I use the loo. A connection from all our tummies could possibly solve chennai’s water crisis.

The lecturers go on and on with their slides like one of those prime time tele-serials (the mega serials). One would find them saying the same thing after waking up from a small nap. We would almost develop snow around our nose by the end of a session because of the cold. In one of these days, infact, ice cubes were reported in the toilet after I used it.

I must mention about the chicks in here. They’re all awesome. Women of today are bold. They stand up to things, or atleast they make things stand up ;) They serve as room heaters preventing this place from turning into ice age.

When I come out of my office, the hot weather soothes me. Fellas why do you complain about chennai’s weather?


Srikar said...

good one ! it's the same in b'lore also, but here there's a small difference - I'm lucky inthe babes department. I'm sure you are missing out. Try to get your ass here asap !!!

vikraman said...

sure dude, I'd love to get my ass there among other things ;) I am sure you're having a gala time there.

Harish said...

SHIT.. reminds me of GROSS!

vikraman said...

whats Gross ?

Harish said...

Calvin & Hobbes -- Get Rid of Slimy Girls.

Anonymous said...

you are invited t join the council of cosmic goo! no babes allowed!

Naveenoid said...

Nice post dude. Where are you working by thw way? (just want to know)
if you have the time, check my blog out too.

vikraman said...

what does that council do btw?