September 03, 2010

Foundation course

The foundation course for the 85th batch of IAS/IPS/IFS/IFos started at Lal bahadur shastri academy of administration, Mussorie on 31st August 2010. Her excellency Margaret Alva, governor of uttrakhand had come to inaugurate the course. I am fortunate to undergo the course along with some of the most intelligent and compassionate youngmen and women of our country.

I must say that each of my batchmates here have something unique about them and are a source of inspiration. I would like to write about a gentleman with whom I had gone for a sightseeing trip around mussorie. He hails from a small village and had started his career as a sub-inspector. However, he always had a burning desire to crack civil services. Despite his hectic schedule of 12 hours of taxing duty, he would come home and prepare for the exam. He cracked the exam in his very first attempt hitting the bulls eye and is now an IAS officer. He will remain a source of inspiration to me and for many people for a long time to come.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Vikraman,
Hope your enthusiasm and a burning desire to make a change will never fade :)
Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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vikraman said...

comment ce post vous aider à résoudre un problème?

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