September 22, 2004

We are poor at marketing.

"Bahut achcha pradharshan yuvraj se" and from the bathroom i thought yuvraj must have saved yet another single. I was wrong. It was an extrodinary catch taken at point to dismiss the "wildrat" Moin khan, who has the reputation of digging burrows in the hopes of the opposition. Yuvy with his belligerent performances has won many matches for us, such an electrifying moment can never be downplayed like that.

In fact the commentator was coughing right into his Mic that i had to sit a few yards away from the screen. At times i even believed that it was an extension of the glycodin ad.

Had it been Tony greig he must have said "oh boy what a catch was that. This young man is surely the new face of indian fielding.The indians are up again the pakis are trembling..." well that certainly would've raised the spirits of many indians. Isn't it the responsibility of the commentators to add spice to the match? since all of us(viewers) have accepted that watching is more fun than playing a game.

Apart from a few exceptions like Harsha bogle and Ravi shastri the indians have never been able to reach world class commentry.

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Sriram said...

Finally, a post I can agree with! I actually remember the coughing incident. And these guys are so lifeless!