September 12, 2004


Microsoft seems adamant at continuing with its legacy of replacing one piece of shit
with an other. At times they have the guts to add "XPerience" tag to it.

I didn't want to be left alone in the race of installing new OS's and hence got lured;a distant relative of Adam you see,and ended up paying the penality for it very much like my great grandfather.

XP has new improved features
1. No blue screens; they are replaced by gray ones(message boxes).
2. Intutive messages; "LSA shell script error at module !@#$@#"
3. Bug reporting feature; You can either "send" or "dont send" the errors,either way you waste time.
4. Highly stable; the machine stays the user runs off.

This,probably,is microsoft's idea of a person using Windows XP

Once i figured out that my face bore no resemblance to the pic i switched back to my earlier OS.Life was atleast moving at snail's pace when i had my win-98 working.

and... if you're looked down for possessing a primitive OS.

1. stretch your hand.
2. fold your fist.
3. Open the third finger.


Vivek said...

ok so whats your problem anyway? are u saying that 98 is better than xp? fyi, i dont look down upon 98 because it is a primitive os. i look down upon it because it is shit.

Anonymous said...

Ah really? Let us look at your problems shall we?

1. Grey message boxes. Now are you sure these are coming from XP itself? Or the programs that run on top of it? If Adobe writes bad software, should Microsoft get blamed. But let's say it is from Windows, then read on...

2. LSA script error.- Have you really got this error? Let me tell you about something called Auotmatic Update. They ask you to turn it on. They warn you of dire consequences if you dont. But you defy the warnings and then complain of problems. Why dont you try holding a cigarette lighter inside your petrol tank and then blame the bike guy for not making petrol flame-resistant? Turn on automatic update and be protected

3. Really? How does it waste your time? Does it ask you to write a letter to Microsoft? Do you know that they analyze all this data? They have TBs of this stuff. And they've some interesting statistics based on this - like the fact that more than 90% of BSODs are due to badly written device drivers which people install inspite of error messages.

4. Well..atleast it helps you keep fit by making you run

Do not assume the fault is with the OS when you ignore everything it tells you to do - like turning on the firewall,etc. But if you do chose to ignore those warnings, then dont complain.


vikraman said...

hey it. I know you're the sole guardian of microsoft's interest in chennai, but it's was only my experience with XP. Btw, yipeee there are 3 comments for this post.

vikraman said...

and the 4th one to vivek. I look down at "98" as shit too.. but "microsoft seems adamant at replacing one piece of it with another"

Anonymous said...

Come on Vikram - no reply to my comment?

vikraman said...

If Adobe writes bad software, should Microsoft get blamed?

Yes.How can you blame adobe for an invalid page fault error? Isn't the OS responsible for linking and loading an app? An application can be blamed only for its functionality and NOTHING ELSE .

Does it ask you to write a letter to Microsoft?

I bet they would, but only after wiping off other competition.

Until we remain slaves to the comforts provided by Microsoft such as the VB, VC etc we must know to stand their buggy OSs.

Inspite of all these i use Windows because
A known devil (windows) is better than an unknown angel (linux).

vikraman said...

and....if keeping the automatic update disbled be compared to holding a lighter in the fuel tank.. phew i congratulate Microsoft's engineers.

Sriram said...

1. If someone writes code like this
char * ptr;
strcpy(ptr, "Some text");

Tell me - who should be blamed? The stupid programmer ? Or the poor OS? What can any OS do in this case?

2. Truth is - no one is holding you as a slave. Go code in C on Vi on Linux..and forget drag-drop. Wont do that, will you?

3. Yup - it is a proper analogy. I wonder why you're willing to risk one (turning off updates) but not willing to risk the other (the lighter thing)

vikraman said...

well..Do you think Adobe writes such a crappy code?
Even if they do, the software is subject to all testing procedures. Remember black box, white box testing methods? (courtesy PRESSMAN)

If an app works properly for the first time and doesn't thereafter, or runs purely based on luck(as in the case of windows), it is the OS which has to be blamed.

Sriram said...

Not really. Check Raymond Chen's old blog posts on why this is not the case.

For example, let's say (and this happens frequently) that software A writes to parts of the registry it is not supposed to. This would work in older operating systems (like Win 95)..but it would crash in Windows 2000. Now, Microsoft has 2 options

1. Make Windows less secure and make that app do something it is not supposed to do

2. Make Windows more secure and make the majority happy. I would trade security for crashing applications any day.

A very good example of this Need For Speed:Porsche which used its own funky memory management which worked under Win 9x but broke under NT's much stricter memory model. End result: The game makers released a patch. That is far better than Microsoft *not* improving their operating system.

DO read Raymond Chen's old blog posts

Sriram said...

And one new blog

vikraman said...

" The sun rises in the east", " 2 and 2 make four" , " windows XX is a bad OS" are some of the facts that all of us believe in, quite strongly .