November 14, 2004

Can you forward my Resume?

The man who HAD lakhs of devotees world wide has done what even a nefarious criminal would fear to do.

Middle men have always been (and will continue to be) a headache to the society. Consider this for an example, a farmer (with his high interest loans) toils in his field and produces food grain which is conveniently bought by these middle men for a low price and sold in the market at exorbitant rates. These unscrupulous elements enjoy an unpropotional profit for their ‘work’, while the farmers continue to commit suicide due to poverty.
If you thought this was applicable only to the illiterate farmers, you are totally wrong. These middle-men are present, unfortunately, in all fields including Spirituality. Unless we realize the fact that there can be no one between us and the God, such rascals would continue to thrive.

This article, however, is not intended to put humanity on to the right track but was written for a more practical cause of publishing my resume. Since the top post now lies vacant I wish to offer my services to the mutt.

My Resume
Name: Sri Sri vikramananda.
Age: Old enough to hold this post.
Young enough to have female disciples.

(S)EXperience: 1. Worked in other ashrams and aware of all the ‘spiritual practises’.

2. Attended a certified course in the P.C sarkar’s school of magic and can vomit lingams, produce ashes, create fire etc.

Achievements: 1.A crowd following of more than 1 lakh (70% being women).
2. Working on a permanent solution to the Ayodhya issue (why not?).
3. Contacts with the top most rowdy gangs in the country.
4. Links with other fundamentalist groups which can declare a bandh when am arrested.


1. Sri Premananda.
2. Sri kalki Bagwan.
3. Chandra Swami.
Can you kindly forward my resume?


Sriram said...

Hmm..ever heard of innocent until proven guilty? And I dont think Sankaracharya being innocent or guilty has anything to do with Adi Shankara's message.

But let's wait and see - even Gandhiji was arrested. We dont know all the facts yet

vikraman said...

In a bid to prove me wrong, you're defaming our freedom fighters. How can you compare Gandhiji's arrest to the arrest of a person who employed a gang (although allegedly)to kill someone.

I'd be happy if this post serves as an eye-opener to the blind following behind safforn clad criminals. The list of such people, who have been punshied for unlawful acts, is virtually endless.

Yes. Lets wait for the judgement but i had formed my opinion long back.

Sriram said...

The key word there is 'allegedly'. We dont have all the facts nor do we know exactly what evidence the police has. So forming an opinion without having the facts is foolhardy. Plus - the Sankaracharyas are not yet another bunch of fly-by-night god men. The various mets have existed for hundreds of years. The Sankaracharya like the Pope for the Hindu people.

Sriram said...


mets = mutts

vikraman said...

Fly-by-night..thanks for the hint.
the present sankaracharya fled the mutt(ran away would be more apt) on august 23rd 1987. He returned shamelessly to the mutt after 15 days. No one until today knows why he went.

This post,like i said b4, is against the blind following behind such people. It is not againist a particular individual.

and...pope should definetly be punsihed if he does something similar. in fact people who are held at such high esteem should be punished more sevrely than ordinary for their misdemeanour.

Sriram said...

Aha - so now you admit its the person who's flawed - not the seat he occupies.. In that case, you're right. But you're not right in equating the Sankaracharyas to Premananda or Chandraswami..especially when the case is in such infancy

Vivek said...

I appreciate ur boldness vikraman. keep going....

All the best...

vikraman said...

I have a great respect for adi sankara's message. I never ridiculed it in my post.
But an alarming number of 'sanyasis n sadhus' being caught these days is by no means a coincidence.
I guess the fault lies with us.BELIEVE IN GOD MORE THAN THESE MIDDLE MEN.

Anonymous said...

hey.. its easy to sit back and comment like this. Its unfair on your part to compare Sankaracharya with others.Its a well known secret that all this is done with other reasons in mind and just to damage his name.
If the govt is seriously bothered about the murder.. then y didnt they go for a re-appeal in John David's case.. when he himself accepted, Ramesh's suicide(supposedly) case when the whole of tamil nadu knows who is involved in it, DMK minister's murder.

Premananda hasnt built 6 eye hospitals all over the country including one in Bihar, hasnt started a medical college, hasnt taken up a child trust hospital running under loss!!!!!

PS: He went out of the mutt in 1987 as he had differences with Maha perival... Jayendrar wanted to reach out to the non-brahmins,dalits and tell them even they are hindus opposed to what other leading politicians are claiming.

vikraman said...

hey Mr/Ms/Mrs Anonymous (inherent problems in replying to an anonymous comment)..
No one expects a religious leader to do social service. will it be alright to pardon Michael jackson for child molestation because he's done so much to the world of music?
This post is not aimed against a particular individual. I wish we become more rational in selecting the people that we follow..