November 05, 2004

Reel VS Real Life.

I have always wondered whether the reel life had any relevance to the real one. No one ever fights half a dozen men and emerges, leave alone victorious, alive!! Films are definitely a gross exaggeration of the real life but they undoubtedly reflect the culture, mindset and the mentality of the people.
For example, we know the American culture (if there exists one) through their Cinema. We know Americans as good entrepreneurs, business minded, adventurous etc through the movies we see.
The Indian Filmdom has the dual responsibility of churning out good entertainers and also to explain to the rest of the world, the essence of Indian culture.

I had the ‘privilege’ of watching one of Vijaykanth’s movies in which he lights a cigarette with his own blood.

Message Intended: He is a powerful man with powerful blood (enough to light a cigarette). This high voltage blood flows through his body.

In the next scene, he touches his moustache which sends a man flying away.
Hidden Message: I give up. May be he wants to convey to the audience that his moustache has magical powers (that’s only my guess).

What sort of a message will this convey about the people of Tamilnadu (in general INDIA)? Won’t these movies show us as fools who believe in such rotten portrayal of larger-than life characters? Do the foreigners have a biased opinion about our mental abilities before they meet us first time?


Sriram said...

Actually, foreign movies are just as bad too - check out Ed Wood's movies :-)

schumi22 said...

Now as the Bond people are searching for a new James Bond Vijaykanth could try his hand at the role. He definitely wouldn't mind; how many people would get to potray themselves as a world hero in 'bond' and also be able to date the bond gals.
So popular is Vijaykanth that if enquire in a few villages; they'd say it Vijaykanth was a freedom fighter n' a great police officer. Well considering he's all of 50 (not sure abt tht) don't know which freedom movement did he take part in n' at wat age was he a police officer n' cud he have caught Veerappan earlier had he been assigned the job. Vikraman you should answer these questions.

vikraman said...

he'd want atleast 2 duets with the bond girls..;)
and for that daring police officer avatar..that guy's eyeing the CM's chair, I can infer that from his punch dialogues..

Vivek said...

Hmmm... why don't you admit it? You are jealous of Vijaykanth (Ultimate King of Comedy) aren't you???