December 06, 2004

Honesty may be the best policy but…

Do Miss. Universe contestants come from other planets in spaceships? I thought the organizers had done justice to the name when priyanka chopra was selected as the beauty queen. But to my dismay, I found out that she hails somewhere from India.
Before deviating any further from the crux of the issue, here are a few guidelines to win the Miss universe pageant.
1.Never say the truth.
2.Be as impractical as possible.
3.Make them believe you’ll be one among the masses.

For example, when the judge asks you to imagine your house on fire. Inside the burning house are trapped your three month old child and a mother Teresa’s photo. Which one would you save first?
A rational, practical and a sensible person would save the child, but to win the miss universe title you must feel (and feel strongly) that mother Teresa’s photo is more important than the child (although Mother Teresa herself, if alive, would not approve of it).

Let me pose another situation now. Don’t look down. No cheating.

You’re jogging on a lonely highway (god knows why) and you find your 3 month-old peeping into a manhole. The same instant you find a cockroach crossing the road, you find a speeding truck down the lane. Whom will you save first?
Congratulations, if you wanted to save the cockroach. You’re on the right path to becoming the Miss.Universe. Well, if you’re a man, you still hold a chance. You might have some minor problems with the swimsuit round.


schumi22 said...

Its all about pretending. As shakespeare said 'all the world a stage n' men n' women mere actors'.
Whether you want to be a miss world or a god man or the CM you need to know how to act.
While some of them have acted before getting into these posts , others would be acting once their term end while the third catogory is the one that seeks respect.

Honest people like you and i don't stand a chance, or do we. ;))

vikraman said...

true. honest ppl like us dont hold a chance ;)

Vivek said...

arasiyalla idhellaam saadharanamappa...

Sriram said...

Totally agree with you on this - have you seen Miss.Congeniality? Amazing movie

Btw, I was shocked when I learnt that the latest Miss World no longer has judges - she is voted through an online voting system of viewers. Do you really think young males would vote for a girl based on her...replies to questions? I don't think so.

vikraman said...

very true. men r aways men. our standards for evaluating a woman dont change..;)