February 01, 2005

Private companies - real good service.

But for the sweet voice of a chick at the other end, I wouldn’t have called the customer service again. I was to prepare notes for my lecture that day and off went my cable modem. The cute female (she must be) at the other end, whose voice flowed down live a river with flamboyant English assured me of service within 3 hours. I waited like Bashmasura who got seduced by mohini avatar. The asura at least danced with mohini before he was killed but I sat in my dingy room waiting for some help to come; none came.

Whoever feels that the private companies offer a better service hasn’t understood the definition properly. Employing a preposterous woman in the customer service centre does not solve any problem. It adds to the woes!

It hurts, as a computer engineer, to listen to ‘suggestions’ like

a. “Turn off and then turn on your system” (to repair a modem!!!)

b. “Click on the button called the start button at the left hand bottom corner…”

c. “You see, the computer might be affected by something called viruses” (a bigger plural?)

d. “…go to run and type “c:\”, do you want me to spell it?”

e. “Yes. I know you need to check your email, you can do it in a place called browsing centre near your house.”


schumi22 said...

Lol....may be you could have asked her what turns her on; is there any button for that. Nice post.

vikraman said...

What could possibly turn her on? any way thanks for your compliment.

avinash said...

hey next time y dont u just make a candid confession that u r an comp. sci. engg. u know chicks like guys confessing to them!!! nice post though

avinash said...

it actually makes them feel special.. although i dont y u wud want to do that to a faceless, nameless operator...