February 06, 2005

The three phases

There are three phases to any role that’s played in a bollywood movie; the rules are made especially stringent if it’s an Akshay Kumar starrer. Here are a few samples.

a. The mother
#1 The caring mother (until her Police officer husband is shot by the villains)
#2 The hardworking widow (after his death)
#3 Photo on the wall.

b. The beautiful sister

#1 The playful chirpy girl.
#2 Falls in love with a bad guy.
#3 Raped and killed (usually the lengthiest scene in the movie).

c. The Heroine

#1 A Social worker/college student.
#2 Falls in love with the hero (charachterised by songs at unwanted times).
#3 Marries the hero (in case of availability of another heroine, refer b.#3)

...and the formula continues to create sensational hits.


Vivek said...

you could expand this to include guys too, then you will get the complete formula for any bollywood movie.

something like this for guys

guy type 1: hero
guy type 2: villian
guy type 3: policeman
guy type 4 comedian/hero's friend

vikraman said...

Lets formalise the Grammar...

Guy_Type1 : does not look at girls.Kills Guy_Type2 after a big fight.

Guy_Type2 : Interested only in girls among other things like drug trafficking.Tries to kill Guy_Type1.

Guy type 3: Runs behind Guy_Type2,successful if Guy_Type3=Guy_Type1 else gets shot by Guy_Type2.

Guy_Type4: crops up once in a while.No connection with any of the above three guys.

Srikar said...

And obvoiusly vikraman you forgot the WHILE- loop. this formula never fails ....

vikraman said...

ya..i did

call bolly_formula();


Anonymous said...

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vikraman said...

hmmm..may be i dont do justice to the blog title..Expect a post on the oil crisis SOON.