August 14, 2005

Testimonials – Let’s mean them

Online communities such as Orkut lets you find friends. You’ll love these portals more if your ‘here for:’ section says ‘women (dating)’. Most women post their photos posing sideways to the camera. Incidentally, this is the same crowd that complains that men don’t look at their eyes while speaking.

Among innumerable ways of winning a women’s heart, such as buying jewellery by burning one’s pocket to the other cost effective ways such as writing poems which involves using a lot of grey cells, Testimonials seem to be a better option. It also saves you from entering the elite club of ‘worst pick up lines’. Tell a woman that she’s got a beautiful smile and she’ll respond to you, or at least you can expect a scrap in return.

But what does one mean by a thousand watt smile? I didn’t know that you could measure the wattage of a smile. I know that a woman’s smile is powerful, but didn’t quite think it had a S.I unit.
 One way to measure the poer of smile
A testimonial is expressing admiration or appreciation of a person. It has to be earned, not gifted. I find every third person a ‘genius’, every second ‘a really cool guy’, and almost everyone ‘smart, talented and lively’ - no wonder India is churning out entrepreneurs in a hurry.

Mr. ‘cool guy’, in reality could be a person who would pee in his pants when the exam results come out, and the ‘lively’ character could be someone who would brush his teeth once a week to save himself from the tiring exercise of brushing everyday. What can I say about those ‘...I am sure he’ll be a rocket scientist in life’? Let’s hope to see such bright young men as the future presidents of India like kalam.
Most of us become generous while writing somebody’s testimonial – it’s after all a bunch of words isn’t it?


Sudheer Kandepi said...

heyy.. i can see tat in ur testimonials tat ppl hav called u genius n humorous.. blah.. blah.. so what u say.. r they true or not.. ;)

Aarthi said...

Oh well, words are why can't I be nice to people? As much as I appreciate honesty, I wouldn't want people to write nasty things in my testimonial. I mean, *my* list of testimonials of all places? Testimonials are often scribbled down due to peer pressure (I-scratch-your-back-n-you-scratch-my-back thingy).
And a genius to one person may be a fool to another. So if at all people had to wait till everyone came to a common conclusion that one's a "cool guy", when would the testomonial actually be written?

vikraman said...

hey sud,
Fortunately, i must say, that i am gifted with friends who speak nothing but truth ;)

vikraman said...

No. I don't mean you conduct an online survey before you certify someone 'Mr. cool guy'. But you could close your eyes and think for a moment whether the guy/girl is worth your certification.

aditya said...

that was a good one vikki,and here is a poem composed by 1 of my friends:-

"a world worth living in"

if ever u are dejected,
and find the world is a bad place to live in,
and that it is full of people who are so mean and evil,
come to orkut and read people's profiles and testimonials.
and u will be astonished to see that evrybody is essentially the coolest,
most benevolent and the most lovely.
u will realize that actually the world is so good a place to be in.
- Vivek Singh

Keep the good work going dude...

vikraman said...

wow, cool 'poem' i must're the next bernard shaw and the tagore of this century.. :)

reshmis said...

actually, no one really,truly,honestly...bla bla..believes all that is written in any testimonial.

Why do we go to communities like hi5 and orkut? not to cry,certainly! it is to laugh,smile and if possible,make others happy too. this is what a "community" is for. To share views and ideas in a good way.
Leaving aside the hard facts about testimonials which you have pointed out,i would liek u to peep into the other side of the same coin.
Wht have we got to loose,when it is a question of making some unknown person happy?two words...but,it brings a smile to someone's face when ever he/she reads it.{they may or maynot be worthy of it...but,at the core,we are all humans...we all have this urge to be on the top of the world in some way or the do something worthwile, to be loved,respected,recognised..}

let them have their day...what have we got to loose?

my orkut name is sunshine..but i dont go there much now a days..

vikraman said...

perhaps you're right. But in a mediocre society such as ours, even an intelligent person is termed a genious. Unfortunatley this intelligent person settles infront of a tv after secutring an employment in an MNC.
probly because of remarks made such as "he is such a big success in life" or "you're simply a great man!" or "he's so cool u know even though he's into a gr8 company...."
lets understand that it been decades since an indian won a medal at olympics, or a nobel prize.
Lets praise and encourage only those who really deserve it.