October 09, 2004

Wordsworth in the making I

One of the most uninteresting things in the world, next only to listening to your girlfriend, is sitting idle in the exam hall. I had this 'enchanting' experience during my model exams and ended up writting (if you'll let me call it) a POEM


Life is hell!!
when you sit in exam hall. 2

It's better to be screwed
than to sit bored. 4

There cannot be a sorry man
like our friend Vikraman 6

on whose epitaph shall
the follwing be written 8

"Another casuality of boredom"

courtesy - Professional ethics exam 7/10/04


Anonymous said...

superb.. The choice of words,the rythm par excellence..
You have a brillinat career as a poet.

vikraman said...

hey thanks whoever it is. It's just my hobby.