October 16, 2004

A Challenge to Newtonian Physics


The weighing machine constantly reminds me of the burden I cause to mother earth. The needle remains oblivious to the amount of hard work I put in my treadmill. Something must be wrong somewhere…
One fine day while I was sipping my coffee the reason struck me like a lightning, the following is the charge I transferred to the paper.

[Prologue ends]


Velocity = distance/time

Acceleration = dv/dt (change in velocity) ----- (I)

F = m . a ----- (II)

Force = mass x acceleration

Work done = F. d -----(III)

Since I run at a constant speed of 10 kmph on my treadmill,
Velocity = 10 kmph
Acceleration = 0 m/s2 (change in velocity =0) -----(IV)

Sub (IV) in (II)

F = 0 N ------(V)

Sub (V) in (III)

Work done = 0

Inference : I end up doing no work running. Blame it on bloody physics

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