October 09, 2004

Wordsworth in the making II

I am starting to love myself. I am definitely a wordsworth in the making. I donot want to waste the time of the reader..here we go


Love is the driving force,

that leaves you with many woes. 2

Deep love certainly penetrates

But i prefer the surface ;) 4

The difference is indeed confusing,

between love and love making 6

Love marriage is happy ofcourse,

what follows ultimately is divorce. 8

This thing ne'er takes you up

buddy enjoy your GINGER LEMON POP! 10

courtesy - Web technology exam 8/10/04


Prasath said...


This is Prasath (friend of ur bro Srini). Hope u remember me. U got a nice space going maan!!. Keepup the good work.


vikraman said...

hi prasath,
wow a surprise! how are you? Its been a long time since we met. Hope you're fine..
and thanx for the compliments.

Anonymous said...

Deeper love always ends up in penetrations.