October 14, 2004

My bro in california man...

"Where is your brother in theUS?" seems to be standard question that confronts the siblings of the american brothers and sisters back here.I have found it really difficult to cope up with these half-wit, crazy middle-aged uncles and aunties.

I somehow sabotage my anger and answer them polietly "Well..he is in california" and pat comes the next question "What is he doing?" .."my son is near by...how long is it from philedelphia?"

Next time someone wants to know about the whereabouts of my brother i swear to god to answer in the following way..

"hey...i dont know where is now..it must be morning there, so he must be in his toilet and you wanted to know what he's doing? well shitting ofcourse!!"


schumi22 said...

This is a pretty tough question.
'where is your brother/ in the US' ; doesn't the second part answer the first part of the question.

This also gives you an opportunity to speculate or guess as to where he would be, especially if he's travelling around.
"Do you know the caves near the grand canyon, yeah there he is." This may be a good answer unless ofcourse they ask you what is he doing there.

*sway* said...

So what does he do in the US? heh.

vikraman said...

:--0 take that for an angry face.